Our Team


Bridgett Jessop

I'm originally from Cochrane, Alberta and have always had a passion for design. With an innate eye to beautify spaces. I began my journey in Europe and attended Fachhochschule. After my return to Canada I gained valuable experience working with a home builder in a design centre, at a flooring store and then with a home builder as showhome designer and customer liaison. In 2003 I founded Debutante Design – at home on my kitchen table, and it grew bit by bit through passion, determination and hard work.

My work reflects a balance of all my design and life experiences, influenced by the spaces traveled to. My design skills range from clean contemporary to classic paneled traditional and everything in between. I often get asked by my clients, "What's your favourite project?" and my answer is always the one I'm currently working on. I believe that good design should be a seamless continuation of the clients likes, wants, and needs.

Over the years I have built valuable relationships with prominent Home Builders and trade supplier partners. My passion for design and colour continues to drive new challenges, and my team and I are continually learning and growing.

Debutante Design is an affordable residential interior design firm that honours the purpose, comfort, and beauty of your home. Fifteen years later, I've confirmed to myself that each project is unique, and my passion has grown.



Ashley Balint

Growing up in Canmore, Ashley's fascination with interior design was sparked by her surroundings at a young age. Her belief is inspiration can be found all around us through travel, art, hobbies, and past experiences. She enjoys self expression through design, and encourages clients to do the same to make their space feel like an extension of their personality. She is particularly attracted to natural materials, pieces with character, interesting textures, balance, and the life colour adds to a space.

Ashley studied interior design at Mount Royal and received her Interior Design Degree in 2008. After completing school, she started her career working as a design consultant for a home builder in Calgary. She then worked in the flooring industry for five years as well as a renovation company. She has gained experience working with clients on many aspects of interior design and continues to grow and learn.

Debutante Design encourages her creativity, collaboration, problem solving and she appreciates the positive and upbeat working environment.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, yoga, painting, and trips back home to Canmore to go hiking and catch up with family and friends.



Anastassiya Vassilyeva

Anastassiya was born in Kazakhstan to a family of Russian descent. Growing up she was fascinated by all things beautiful, but also structured and logical. Her father being an engineer and a musician, and mother - an accountant who loves to sew and macrame, had an enormous influence of how Anastassiya learned to perceive the world and create.

After studying microbiology and genetics at the University of Calgary for one year, Anastassiya moved to Toronto, Ontario to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology, graduating from the Interior Design program in 2006. Having worked with both residential and commercial design firms over the past 10 years, Anastassiya gained invaluable knowledge and experience, which she is now able to apply at Debutante Design. Each and every project undertaken is approached intelligently, communicated creatively and executed with style, care and enthusiasm.

When not designing, some of her favourite things to do are playing piano, shooting her bow, doing yoga and spending time with family.


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Caroline Bukarewicz

Growing up in the prairies around Medicine Hat, she found an innate beauty in simplicity.  Sky, land, and the occasional tree.  Always exploring, building and creating as a child.  From rearranging her room to every other part of the house, eventually lead to space planning on paper and executing those ideas, all through high school.

Upon graduating with Honours from Lakeland College in 1996, she moved to Calgary and started with a small commercial design firm.  Making connections and lifelong friendships, she worked with a large homebuilder, designing and drafting homes, working with client selections, then decorating model homes in three cities and large residential projects.

Now being a mother of two girls, she sees design in a different way.  She studied Feng Shui at Mount Royal, learning the energetic qualities of a home.  She stages and organizes family homes, full renovations to improve spaces and function, prepares homes to sell and everything in between.

Design is all around us, inspiration is everywhere.  In travels through century old churches, coral reefs to the famed restaurant washroom, learning through design never stops.